Digital transformation for one of the leading travel companies in India

by Leaf Design

Veena World, a leading brand in the travel group tours, is committed to taking your travel journeys beyond destinations by inculcating a sense of community and impeccable hospitality. With the growing competitive market and the change in consumer behavior, Veena World wanted to mark its territory in the industry and chart a stronger direction for their brand, while providing a better and immersive customer experience. Our objective was to fully understand the customer behavior patterns and insights, gathered from the real-life situations and challenges faced during the process of travel planning and booking. Divided into True Travellers and Seekers, the site framework was structured to help connect the brand with its audience in a more experiential and seamless way. The ultimate aim was to keep the user informed at all contexts with transparency and clarity, speed up consumer dialogue and reduce offline interaction.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Prayag Shah

Design Company

Leaf Design


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Veena World

Design Team

Prayag Shah, Debottam Dutta Gupta, Mahima Jaju

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Entrant Companies

Veena World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., IN


Leaf Design, IN

Individual Credits

Director: Sandeep Ozarde, Leaf Design
Director: Sumit Patel, Leaf Design