Buchanan's Red Seal 21 Year

by forceMAJEURE Design

Every single expression of Buchanan’s whisky is made with the same degree of care, symbolizing the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

Over 100 years ago, James Buchanan himself crafted a unique blend to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII, which inspired Buchanan’s finest blended Scotch Whisky and ultra-premium offering: Buchanan’s Red Seal. The blend is a perfect balance of over 21 year old Islay and Highland malts perfected with a rare and almost lost to the world whisky making technique – Triple Cask Aging – to deliver the ultimate expression of Luxury and Quality from the House of Buchanan’s.

We were asked to create a new design expression for Buchanan’s Red Seal, and bring to life the exclusive blend through the redesign of a new bottle structure, package design and gift box, highlighting its luxury and quality. Based on the ideals of sharing and generosity that Buchanan’s is known for, we crafted a new elegant bottle shape with soft curves that allow the iconic Red Seal to shine, nestled at the heart of the bottle. The rich amber liquid gives way to a green tint at the base of the glass, a hallmark of all bottles in the Buchanan’s line.

Visible through the front of the bottle, is the Buchanan’s crest, proudly embossed at the back of the glass and beautifully framing the seal. Along the side of the bottle, James Buchanan’s signature is embossed. The luxurious closure is an ornament to the bottle, and the deep, majestic reds and golds of the seal, signature and label invoke the Royal Court, for which the whisky was originally created.

The Red Seal bottle is presented in a beautifully crafted gift box, which opens like a book to reveal the unique bottle. A single green panel complements the overall red tones, bringing...


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Silver in 3D CAD 2020

Bronze in Branding 2020

Bronze in Logos 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Michelle Mak, Creative Director and Pierre Delebois, Strategy and Creative Director

Design Company

forceMAJEURE Design


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Design Team

Tim Devereaux, Art Director and Steve Assandri, Production Manager