Gut Connection Packaging Design

by The Biondo Group

The Country Life® team partnered with The Biondo Group to create a package design system for the launch of Gut Connection™ – a revolutionary range of supplements in the emerging prebiotic category .The packaging communicates this new brand’s compelling research-based story as well as its unique benefits. The products leverage the latest scientific findings which connect the gut and its microbiome to individual aspects of health. The line consists of 8 varieties, each one offering a separate health solution (i.e. weight management, improved mood and mental clarity).


Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Charles Biondo

Design Company

The Biondo Group


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Country Life Vitamins

Design Team

The Biondo Group


Entrant Companies

The Biondo Group, US


Country Life Vitamins, US

Individual Credits

Gut Connection Packaging Design: Charles Biondo, The Biondo Group