by Pablo Ladosa

I created the largest set of illustrations Pokerstars worldwide website produced. Having total freedom I did illustrations of a vibrant, clean, electric futuristic city. Designed for high-res displays.

Was the longest project I worked on, and I poured my soul in it. The main illustration took three weeks, and all the artworks around 8 months of work.

I really wanted to challenge myself for this big artworks, intended to be 4 metres long, I did craft every detail like tiny windows in the small cars or palm trees between infinite unique buildings. After I spent time learning about architecture to design nice constructions.

The artworks were also the most complex I could create, including glass reflections, transparency, glows, and hundreds of layers. Trying to bring to the limit my skills I tried to use all the cutting-edge tools in the software like mesh gradients, blending modes, 3D perspectives, and so on... But I loved it, and when finished I also animated it with motion.

I've been artist since a kid, at 12yrs I was learning Illustrator & 3D software by myself in my village, to one day make it to a city to be illustrator of artworks like this. I’m not lucky as tried to get representation but they said me I don’t have enough following base, so the only way to overcome was showing the best technical skills to get into projects, and this is the best I could create with my experience, and well a lot of time. So I really hope people like.


Gold in Illustration 2020

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Design Director

Pablo Ladosa

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Pablo Ladosa


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Pablo Ladosa

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