KANJI Posters

by Alice Zong Design

Inspired by Chinese Calligraphy strokes, the study of contextual ideas, blend of styles and cultural attention. This is an exploration shows exquisite elegance and luxuriant cultural implications of Chinese calligraphy.

The Blanc represents an initial state and an infinite existence of our surroundings. The inclusive mindset of this endless space that "white" gives, is an open-minded narrative that overwrites any inherent definitions. "MEI 昧" in Chinese, means out of focus. Equivocal space in an artwork is where relationships between elements may be seen in different ways.

The process of overwriting can be fierce and direct, fighting against the stereotypes and replacing them with new interpretations; or sometimes it can also be gentle and figurative - slowly infiltrating the rigid thoughts with another perspective and abandoning all prejudice in contact.


Gold in Typography 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Xi Alice Zong

Design Company

Alice Zong Design


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Design Team

Alice Zong Design