Bold Monkey. No time for dullness.

by Redkiwi

About the case:

Bold Monkey is a design brand that is different from other interior brands. It is extravagant, proud and unique. A brand for people who dare; for people who always go for unique instead of uniform. Terms such as "No time for dullness" and "you hate it or you love it" fit the brand perfectly. Bold Monkey products are not just available in their own webshop, the trendiest concept stores in Europe also sell the collection.

Quirky webdesign.

Our UX Designer created a webshop from scratch with a quirky design, including the required functionalities, that precisely reflects "stay bold, not beige" feel of the brand. In our design ‘no time for dullness’ resulted in bright colors, crazy patterns, and different layers, creating a more dynamic experience while still staying true to the Bold Monkey corporate identity. The colors and typography were included in the style guide and a mood board reflected the ambiance. Based on the color chart and mood board, the challenge was to make the conceptual style digital. Our client was immediately convinced: ‘this is the Bold-Monkey-feeling’.

Creating boldness.

The extensive color palette can be applied generically; you can adjust the colors in the backend. This is possible for every background of every product and for some elements a color can be chosen from the style guide. Bold Monkey can go wild with boldness & brightness. The design makes the webshop feel different from other shops. The product pages are fully customized, so it no longer looks like a standard webshop. They seem more like product landing pages, and while the way the products are displayed is distinctive, the information about ordering and the call-to-action are very clear. The homepage and the limited edition page are lively, drawing attention to the various interior items. For the...


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Sander van Leengoed

Design Company



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