Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia

by ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.

ROTU invites you to immerse yourself in the virtual reality adventure of a lifetime through the unique perspective of music, mythology, and history. In this ultimate interactive storytelling experience, feel the power of music like never before as you explore vivid landscapes, magnetic characters, and dynamic worlds generated through global rhythms that pulse before your very eyes. In the premiere episode of "Rhythm of the Universe," two children--armed with the power of music--embark on a journey through the Ionian forest to save a mythical creature only few have ever seen. Can they find it in time to help save the land they love from total destruction?


Gold in Animation for Games 2020

Gold in Character Design 2020

Silver in Illustration for Games 2020

Silver in Sound Design & Use of Music for Games 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Emir Cerman

Design Company

ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.


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Design Team

ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.


Entrant Companies

ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd., US

Individual Credits

Art DIrector: Charles Logan, ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.
Audio Director: Cesar Suarez, ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.
Technical DIrector: Michael Hoag, ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.