DA Friends Campaign

by RUN

Design Assembly needed a campaign to drive their ‘Friend’ subscription model to the New Zealand design and advertising industry. This campaign concept revolved around all the value you get when you sign up to become a Design Assembly Friend and exaggerating that in a fun, attention-grabbing way. We played on the amount of rewards you receive according to the dollar amount you pay. So if a studio joins up for a ‘Friend Plus’ subscription (paying $2,000) they get 2,000 rewards etc.

We actually wrote all 2000 rewards, using them as a visual hyperbole across the campaign. Along with the standard subscription benefits the rewards were anything from a free glass of water at events, to kissing your hand, yelling out your studio name randomly at a workshop in a whoop whoopesque-style, getting personal coat check or waiting on you hand and foot at a DA event - the quirkier the better.

We selected a few fun rewards to feature throughout the campaign. These were photographed in a bright, fun way, using different coloured backdrops to help them stand out and give them added energy.

Creative executions included large A2 posters, which folded into an A5 leave behind brochure for studios. Short video ads, digital and print ads were also rolled out, as well as graphics across the Design Assembly website. The campaign has only just been released recently and subscriptions have already increased by more than double on previous years.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Laura Cibilich

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Design Assembly

Design Team

Laura Cibilich Raymond McKay Maria Philp

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Design Assembly, NZ

Individual Credits

Design Director: Laura Cibilich, RUN
Creative Director: Raymond McKay, RUN
Designer: Maria Philp, RUN