E&J Gallo Brandy Rebrand

by forceMAJEURE Design

We were asked by E&J Gallo to redesign the E&J Brandy product portfolio packaging for the first time in 45 years, including the E&J Brand-mark, the bottle design of the core range, and all of the graphic labels in the portfolio.

E&J Gallo wanted to bring a crisp new look to the classic taste that people know is E&J Brandy. Inspired by the E&J Family crest and the brandy's level of craft, we incorporated classic brandy cues with fresh new label illustrations, premium metallic paper and embossed logo to elevate the look and feel of the brand. The new bottle design's elongated, rounded shoulders and sculpted base gives the new design a more premium look.

E&J’s remastered look pays respect to its past, while paving the way for a fresh future. The E&J Brandy new brand-mark elevates the perception of quality and know-how of the brand, underscoring E&J brandy as a leader in its field. The new label conveys the brand's energy with an iconic sunburst illustration over a premium metallic paper, and features vibrant colors and an ink-embossed E&J logo. Taking inspiration from E&J Gallo's California roots, we created an intricate illustration of grapes and vines and a sunburst around the E&J Brandy brand-mark. The new bottle's elongated shoulders and curved base gives the new design a more premium look, rooted in Brandy tradition.

forceMAJEURE worked closely with the E&J Brandy marketing and supply teams to ensure a cohesive and efficient process from initial designs through production. Since the brand carries the name of the founders, we often incorporated feedback coming directly from the Gallo family. forceMAJEURE was responsible for the strategy, product design, and graphic design of the labels across 6 variants in multiple sizes. For VSOP and the flavored variants, we created a new bottle shape and...


Silver in Logos 2020

Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Bronze in Branding 2020

Honorable Mention in Illustration 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Pierre Delebois, Strategy and Creative Director

Design Company

forceMAJEURE Design


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E&J Gallo Winery

Design Team

Tim Deveraux, Art Director and Harry Chong, Product Design Director

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Individual Credits

Strategy & Creative Director: Pierre Delebois, forceMAJEURE Design
Art Director: Tim Devereaux, forceMAJEURE Design
Product Design Director: Harry Chong, forceMAJEURE Design