22nd Seoul Human Rights Film Festival "Be rebellious, be transformative!"


The misery of being unfair to exist, the helplessness that my voice does not seem to be crying out loudly. Fear of violence, who knows where and when. Many are forced to endure the situation constantly in a disastrous situation. Because of the difference in appearance, because you have different thoughts, because you are in a different situation ... If I am in a world of insecurity that demands to live on my own and to have the right to be enjoyed by everyone, I feel I have to be more aggressive and unhealthy, to say that there are so many uneasy people like me and that they are suffering. With sadness and anger, comforting each other more and more, I wanted to express that the more we can talk with each other in a more unstable state, the greater the power to change the world, and the way that 'unstable hope' moves forward.


Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Hyojeong Lee

Design Company



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Seoul Human Rights Film Festival