Digital Design Days - Rebranding

by jekyll & hyde

The D that has been chosen is light, energy, movement, different single elements that come together to define it, pixels overcoming their two-dimensional feature, squares that rotate and find a new place around the central focusing point. That is a sign able to communicate the strength of DDD's innovative vision and its ability to create networks, to attract, to propose and make people with different ideas encounter. It has been chosen to make up a new sign but still able to summon the previous editions one, thanks to the outer square.

The main palette is made of nine colors that are rgb native tones, luminous and with high contrast. Shading one in another, thanks to easy geometrical shapes morphing, they create, in the identity system, a dynamic yet sophisticated impact, well suited for the communication of this event.

The result is a responsive sign, able to adapt to the dimension of usage by just changing the frequency of the single elements of which it is made, resulting in obtaining a more efficient utilization in every different application. It’s a contemporary and innovative viewing of brand signature, imagined as a vital and alive element.


Gold in Branding 2020

Silver in Logos 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Marco Molteni

Design Company

jekyll & hyde


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Design Team

Marco Molteni, Margherita Monguzzi, Elena Bonanomi, Cecilia Della Longa

Video (direct link)

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Entrant Companies

jekyll & hyde, IT


DDD Srl / Filippo Spiezia, IT

Individual Credits

Design Director: Marco Molteni, jekyll & hyde
Design Director: Margherita Monguzzi, jekyll & hyde
Graphic Designer: Elena Bonanomi, jekyll & hyde