by Hajime Tsushima

This is sake that is made based on the idea that the material itself, everything is important.
The name of this sake is Tenmei.
I imagined a bottle of sake with the motif of the kanji character "Ten".
This is not an ordinary print label. There is a hole in the label.
The hole is open, and it shows the clarity and freshness of this liquor, making it appear transparent.
When everyone drinks, it is fun if it is a perforated label, and the view seen from the perforated label is linked to the history of Tenmei. In addition, in order to put out an impact, I made it a perforated label.
The label design has a good reputation, and it is a small-lot production, so it was sold out soon.
These are a series of three sakes of different taste depending on how the rice is cut. We expressed three kinds by white, gold, silver labels


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hajime Tsushima



Design Team

Tsushima Design


Individual Credits

Art Director: Hajime Tsushima, Tsushima Design
Creative Director: Yukiko Tsushima, Tsushima Design
Designer: Hajime Tsushima, Tsushima Design