DBS Bank Mid-Autumn 2017 Greeting Card

by Double Eleven Design Studio

A heartfelt festival greeting card for clients

Goal – We were commissioned by DBS to design a unique mid-autumn festival greeting card with contemporary flair, for premium DBS clients.

Key Messages – Albeit the importance of branding, a greeting card – especially when it is for the Mid-Autumn Festival – must be as heartfelt as the services and standards the bank prides itself on. We, therefore, took the affectionate way and celebrate the origins of Mid-Autumn Festival: togetherness, gratitude for harvest and harmony.

Our Approach – We created a 3D pop-up card comprised of three laser-cut hand-stuck layers of totems of Mid-Autumn Festival: lanterns, full moon and rabbits; alongside temples in silver and golden hot stamp prints. The tagline “豐饒佳節 共賞秋月”, with the meaning of togetherness and Thanksgiving, is a graceful greeting line for prestigious clients. The card also displays as a beautiful decoration that stays in the lounge cabinet or the desk for a good time.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Henson Tong

Design Company

Double Eleven Design Studio


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DBS Bank (HK) Limited

Design Team

Henson Tong, Venessa Tang