Shadow's Edge

by The Digging Deep Projext

2 in 5 young people under the age of 24 are facing health challenges. They often feel alone, pressure to be normal and don’t have access to – or forgo traditional mental health interventions. Awareness and education about their inner world is key for young people to take ownership of their emotional and mental health. Equally important is the de-stigmatization around mental health. To reach these young people, the content needs to be delivered in a way that attracts them and engages them to actively inquire into themselves and with peers.

Shadow’s Edge reaches them where they are, on their phones, playing games. The game helps them find their inner ninja and gives them life skills to build resilience. The players learn that they can take those new skills and apply them in real life.

The game invites players to journal and create art about their experience, while they discover and unravel the mystery around a shattered city and its guardians. Young people can enjoy and can practice skills in a playful setting that they can later apply in reality. The free self-help mobile game Shadow’s Edge helps young people build resilience for anything they may face, from daily disappointments to major life traumas.

The game has been downloaded over 30’000 times so far and is available for free in the App and Playstore.

“I was skeptical when my friend suggested this application. It’s not like I am really sick. But I have my issues. And thought, if nothing else it could relax me. But then I really got into the story of these Guardians, who seem to be going through as many feelings as I am. Cool that the game has a story that can mean so much.” – Google Play review from Katherine


Bronze in Apps for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Yannis Bolman

Design Company

The Digging Deep Projext


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Design Team

Little Chicken Game Company

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Individual Credits

Producer: Rosemary Lokhorst, Lokhorst Automation AG
Founder: Sheri Sobrato Brisson, Digging Deep Project
User and Academic Research: Kevyn Eva Norton, Digging Deep Project