Twine App

by Browser London

Twine app is a client portal SaaS app developed and maintained by Browser London. At the start of 2019, the Twine team - faced with production bottlenecks and steadily falling user engagement - embarked on a radical project to overhaul the core UX of the platform.

This process involved an in-depth client research project to establish the issue, followed by a three-step development plan crafted to target the three main issues that clients and users faced.

Delivered over the course of spring and summer 2019, the project has lead to a meaningful uptick in user engagement, improved platform navigation and cleared production bottlenecks, allowing the platform to kick start its next stage of growth.


Silver in Digital Tools and Utilities 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Julian Morency

Design Company

Browser London


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Design Team

Julian Morency Rene Morency Rob McWhirter Connor Ward Elliot Coad Sam Wrigley


Entrant Companies

Browser London, GB
Twine, GB

Individual Credits

Managing Director: Julian Morency, Twine
Managing Director: Rene Morency, Browser London
Head of Product: Rob McWhirter, Twine