Shaw Contract Event Identities and Exhibition Design

by bdworkshop co. ltd.

An event branding identities and exhibition design for Shaw Contract new product launch event.

Shaw Carpet has always believed that design can change the world, and colour can affect life. This belief is not limited to the design of the plane or computer, but through the design to improve the entire earth ecology, human health, the use of colour to connect the community, and then penetrate the design into the work and life. From the concept to the production, even the carpet paving methods, Xiao Yu carpets follow the environment and people-oriented.

Colour affects life, and colour penetrates life. Because it is colour, it is terrific because the colour is vivid. The colour themes of 2019 are for individuals, art, communities and the planet. I hope to see another colour from another angle.


Gold in Logos 2020

Bronze in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Clement Young

Design Company

bdworkshop co. ltd.


Shaw Industries Group, Inc