The Magic of Light

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Qurtech SA, based in Luxembourg, is among the leading suppliers of UV systems and technology for various industrial sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, pharma, renewable energy, packaging, cosmetics, graphic arts and more. Present on a European scale, it allows its customers to create unique products and components while reducing costs, production times and environmental impact thanks to the "UV polymerization" technology.

NOTE: UV polymerization is a rapid drying process, where high intensity UV light is used to trigger a photochemical reaction that instantly "dries" paint, adhesive and ink.

MARKET OVERVIEW: The sector is strongly characterized by the scientific landscape and ranges from laboratory physics and chemistry to the most advanced technological engineering. The appearance, as well as the positioning of the main competitors, is almost uniform and adherent to the classic canons of rigorous and inanimate analytical "coldness". Already at a first glance, from the initial portion of the home pages alone, it is possible to notice how each competitor site uniforms to a "classic" institutional style, where the product or a representative image of the product / service are shown immediately at the opening. Evocations, values and / or other elements not directly related to the mere product for the benefit of brand identity are apparently absent.

BRAND IDENTITY: Qurtech becomes a brand. The values of the new identity are manifold and a map has been created to form and consolidate the supporting skeleton where the protagonists are: dream, magic, imagination.


Qurtech SA con sede in Lussemburgo è tra i fornitori leader di impianti e tecnologia UV per i più svariati settori industriali: automotive, elettronica di consumo, medicale, energie rinnovabili, packaging, cosmetica, arti grafiche... Presente su scala europea permette ai propri clienti di realizzare prodotti e componenti unici, abbattendo costi, tempi e impatto ambientale grazie alle...


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