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Golden Sweet Potato - Walawala

Sweet Potato Smile insists on the spindle of life of "The pursuit of health and the LOHAS life nurturing" and views it as the brand appeal. We set up the brand Sweet Potato Smile in 2013, upheld the belief of returning to innocence and the nature, imported the Golden Sweet Potato variety from Naruto in Japan as the seed source, and started the contract farming project of Golden Sweet Potato in the applicable region in the central and southern area of Taiwan.

In the duration, we have been through numerous improvements and failures of the farm administering. So that we accumulate abundant planting experiences and storage technique, and then nurture the "Taiwan Golden Sweet Potato" with much better mouthfeel than the Japanese Golden Sweet Potato.

The spirit of brand is emphasizing the great nutrition of food material, so we survey the brand from the origin of sweet potato. We not only interviewed with famers and owner, but also went to the place of origin to observe the growth and production process. Every element is intimately related, from the soil, climate to cultivate environment, the information is useful to inspire us to create brand identification and package design.

To create the symbol of brand, we transferred the image of soil and the way that sweet potato grows into the extended brand image. Besides, to help brand of its international marketing promotion, we transformed the pronunciation of smile in Japanese to English "wala", and to make deep impression on brand name by using reduplication.

On the other hand, to express the important message about great nutrition of Golden Sweet Potato by showing icon on the package, making consumers easily know the healthy information through package design. Icons on package show the advantage of sweet potato and the...


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hsieh Yi-Cheng

Design Company

3+2 Design Studio


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Design Team

Yi-Yao, Lin, Pei-Ling, Wang, Pei-Yu Chiu