0>1st Designers' Party

by Hong Da Design Studio

0>1st, “0” symbolizes the beginning and origin, and is the beginning of the next new stage. The “0” variously represent individuals from different backgrounds, different time and space, and different lives, in which the enthusiasm and intention of designs are the same. We gathered here to witness the process from "0" to "1". Visual designers believe that each participant is an indispensable key element. The "0" is experimentally produced to create a variety of visual styles. It is not limited to a single style, and it can show the core value of seeking unity while reserving differences. Visual designers believe that harmony is the key to progress. The challenge for visual designers is not simple; it is difficult to select fonts and change the shape and structure of "0" and to combine numerous diverse types of "0". They are using a large number of gradient effects in visual design. Gradient effects are comparatively stimulating to print successfully, especially in the vast printing range. As gradient effects often appear dark and turbid between the two colors, the visual designers spent much time on the progressive effects of dot matrix processing and repeatedly tested the printing process, and finally printed a bright and beautiful gradient.

“0>1st Designers' Party” invites more than 100 designers from Taiwan and workers from design-related industries to participate, enhance opportunities for future exchanges and cooperation, and expect creative industries to unite.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jiang Hong-Da

Design Company

Hong Da Design Studio


Arphic Technology co., LTD

Design Team

Wang Tzu-Hao, Lin Cheng-Yu, Huang Min-Hsiu