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Persistent Sisters Trading Cards


Professional Integrated Graphic Design



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Katie Canada Meg Wagler



Persistent Sisters

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Katie Canada, Creative Director, Partner, Departika

Individual Credit:

Meg Wagler, Senior Designer, Departika

Persistent Sisters Trading Cards are collectible cards featuring trailblazing women throughout history to inspire, empower and educate girls of all ages. Immediately recognizing the importance and freshness of this project, we knew this would be so much fun to work on, while also supporting a noble mission. We were honored to work with founder Ellen Schaeffer to bring her new cards to life -- from branding and design, to market research, to a sweet new logo. Ellen was inspired to create Persistent Sisters when she found herself wishing that her daughter knew more about remarkable women in history. She wanted to spread the word as far and wide as possible, and we were thrilled to help her get started on this incredible new journey. With a clean, yet impactful new card design and a thoroughly-powerful new logo (along with tons of research, branding & brainstorming, and more), Persistent Sisters is poised to educate and inspire young women around the world.