SOTA Catalyst Award Reminder

by L.S. Boldsmith

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) Catalyst Award recognizes people under age 25 who are doing exemplary work in the typographic fields, and do not yet enjoy broad exposure.

In 2017, I served on the committee of judges charged with the difficult task of selecting a Catalyst Award winner. Judges were invited to tweet about the call for entries when it opened; before the call closed, I wanted to also tweet a reminder of the deadline.

A reminder sent the day before a deadline doesn't give entrants much lead time, so it seemed better to tweet two days before the due date; as such, my reminder revolves around the number two. The iconic image of a hand with string tied around a raised index finger (the old-fashioned method for reminding oneself of something important) came to mind, but I felt two raised fingers would better reinforce the theme. I considered two-fingered hand gestures that might somehow compliment my message and thought of the sign of the horns, coopted by heavy metal culture to mean "rock on.” That informed my headline, the letterforms of which are fashioned from the exaggeratedly lengthened loose ends of the “reminder string.”

The line drawing and lettering were executed in graphite. The coloring is watercolor (foreground elements) and acrylic (background).


Silver in Lettering 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Leila Singleton

Design Company

L.S. Boldsmith


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Self-initiated project

Design Team

Leila Singleton