Billion Dollar Dimebag- Tilley Cover

by Ellen Bruss Design

Billion Dollar Dimebag
EBD has branded and marketed many cannabis companies since legalization in Colorado in 2009. One of the people in the business we've worked with along the way, Jackson Tilley, returned and asked us to design the cover for his first book, Billion Dollar Dimebag. Jackson is a PR person, with a vivacious personality, wicked sense of humor, and great style. We used sleek, modern, san serif typography to communicate his style, along with bright vibrant color, and the requisite marijuana leaf as a more graphic element.


Silver in Book Design for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ellen Bruss

Design Company

Ellen Bruss Design


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Jackson D. Tilley

Design Team

Ellen Bruss & Ken Garcia


Entrant Companies

Ellen Bruss Design, US


Jackson D. Tilley , US

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Ellen Bruss, Ellen Bruss Design
Art Director: Ken Garcia , Ellen Bruss Design
Graphic Designer: Ken Garcia , Ellen Bruss Design