Action Against Hunger - Social Media Toolkit

by Nucco Brain

Action Against Hunger
Social Media toolkit

Each year, Action Against Hunger’s Love Food Give Food campaign allows participating restaurants to contribute by inviting their patrons to add £1 to their bill. It’s an easy way to make a real difference, both for restaurants and for patrons.

Action Against Hunger were looking for a way to simultaneously spread awareness of the campaign and to encourage other restaurants to join. And like most charities, they were looking for a solution that made their budget stretch the furthest.

Nucco Brain strategy workshop
After meeting AAH at one of Nucco Brain’s monthly panel events, we invited 12 of their best and brightest to the Nucco Brain HQ for a deep-dive strategy workshop.

Over croissants and coffee (a lot of coffee), we worked together to unpack their strategy to find out what was working, what wasn’t and how we could help. We shared in-depth comparisons of social media content across the charity space and developed a brief collaboratively.
Our recommendation? A social media toolkit that individual restaurants could use on their channels to promote the Love Food Give Food campaign to their audiences.

A bespoke social media toolkit
Until this point, AAH had been recycling content, sharing their own assets - mostly photography - with restaurants. The problem was, many restaurants found the content didn’t fit with their brand aesthetic, so they didn’t use the content.We developed a range of assets - both editable and standalone - that restaurants could use across their social media channels. This included a mixture of hard posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and animated content for Instagram stories, including a sticker.

A creative concept working across targets
With over 400 different participating restaurants, the challenge was to develop a flexible concept that wasn’t just suitable for a wide...


Silver in Promotional materials for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Malena Da Luca

Design Company

Nucco Brain


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Action Against Hunger

Design Team

Credits: AM - Beatriz Aparicio Producer - Marion Ratie Art Director - Mathilda Holmqvist Copywriter - Andy Thomas Designers - Zofia Mackiewic...