by Noni Devora

Foreign/Familiar explores the notion of being foreign and the baggage that comes with it. Based on introspection and interviews, it tells stories from the perspective of foreign students. Foreign/Familiar is an exhibit with animated videos as centerpiece, with posters, and a zine that expand on the videos.

By letting foreigners tell their stories, it highlights the myriad of ways the United States and its inhabitants are foreign to them. Ultimately, it aims to push the concept further and find ways to use design and storytelling to make the foreign familiar.


Discovery of the Year 2020

Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Noni Devora

Company/University or Design School

Maryland Institute College of Art


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Individual Credits

Thesis Advisor: Sandie Maxa
Thesis Advisor: Tony Venne