To The Chosen One!

by Danina April Subiran

Packaging for Indonesia Traditional Mask - Many people maybe know Indonesia for the clothes (Batik) or the textile, but many people don't know that Indonesia is so much bigger than people know. As an example, they have many cultures and different from every city. For this packaging, I want to introduce you to the traditional Indonesia mask. "Punakawan" is a unique type of character in Indonesian shadow theatre. They generally represent the commoners. The characters of Punakawan indicate various roles, such as the warrior advisors, the entertainers, social critics, and clowns, a further source of truth and wisdom.​​​​​​​ The Punakawan love to use the mask when they're dancing and entertaining his master

Indonesia traditional mask is often used by the traditional dancer or even some people love to just put it in their home for decoration. There are many kinds of mask that you can find for this packaging I use Yogyakarta traditional mask. This mask showing that Indonesia people are proud of their culture the combination of batik and handicraft and make it in one mask. I create the packaging a bit mysterious so people curious and want to know more about this packaging.

For the side, it represents what special about Yogyakarta, Bakpia and The Fang Necklaces. Bakpia is food icon of Yogyakarta and The Fang Necklaces is a popular choice in Yogyakarta, the combitaion of these two make the mask even stronger. The look in the side there are some mysterious words about Yogyakarta and make you curious about Yogyakarta. The backside is consist of description about Indonesia traditional mask and the details about Yogyakarta Mask.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Danina April Subiran

Company/University or Design School

Raffles Institute of Higher Education, Jakarta


Surojo Craft Yogyakarta, ID