Pigment Foil Catalogue

by Adam Chen

In Taiwan, opportunities for using Pigment foil are few and their samples are difficult to come by. In addition, due to low compatibility levels of Pigment foil in the making process, it’s not common to see Pigment foil applied to finished products of this kind. Most people are relatively unfamiliar with the possibilities Pigment foil presents.
In 2O19, we will launch a series of foil catalogue experimental works - "Pigment FOIL CATALOGUE". We aspire to share through these pieces the foil styles we were able to obtain and to show the suitability of Pigment foil on the new product. The effect of Pigment foil is by no means replaceable with metal foil. We believe that PIGMENT FOIL CATALOGUE will increase some new possibilities to the seemingly-perpetual option of hot stamping.
"Hot foil stamping is an art positioned between mass production and craftsmanship"
Most of the common hot foil stamping designs available nowadays can only be represented using techniques which include inherent limitations. After years of experience with experimentation, in the works we will be sharing this time, we present some interesting experimental techniques that were attained by our inductions. We hope that through the display of this experimental work will foster additional innovative ideas for Pigment foil and serve as a reference for everyone’s interest.
"Pigment FOIL CATALOGUE" inherits our experimental spirit of 2O18. Our hope isn’t just that the end result yields a nice sample, more than that, it is to stimulate more possibilities in the process.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Adam Chen


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