Scentsy Body: Fragrance that feels good.

by Scentsy

When we reformulated, repackaged and redefined our entire personal care line, we knew we were in for a challenge. How would we “wow” our Consultants and customers with something old-turned-new? Our key differentiator is outstanding fragrance, so we’re always looking for new ways to express the intoxicating nature of scent visually, this time with a mix of fresh ingredients, a rich color palette and eye-popping new packaging designs. Really, we needed to immerse our Consultants and customers in a full-body sensory experience … digitally. Our primary tactic? A collection of tech-forward, shoppable Pinterest pins bold enough to stop them in their tracks.

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Design Director
Abigail Page
Design Team
Graphic Design: Richelle Garn // Lead Copywriter: David Letourneau

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