Chaton Pâtisserie

by Triangler Co., Ltd.

Chaton Pâtisserie is a French dessert brand established for years. “Chaton” means “kitten” in French. The owner, a cat lover, wishes to make delicate desserts for everyone, and hopes that whoever tastes the desserts will be totally relieved from stress. The brand was rustic and country-like before. By illustrating the posture of a cat licking its paws after tasting the pasty, and pairing the logo with a slim sans-serif typeface, the new brand identity becomes neater and more elegant. The gift boxes, cards and the website coherently build a relaxing and soothing image for the brand.


Gold in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Triangler Co., Ltd.

Design Company

Triangler Co., Ltd.


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Chaton Pâtisserie

Design Team

Chi-Yao Tang, Chun-Yao Huang, Jiang-Xin Zhang