Wonder Tree

by Triangler Co., Ltd.

Wonder Tree is a space combining games, coffee, mental health, and education. It wishes to gather the most genuine interactions between humans with an image of a tree.
Inspired by the beautiful attractions in Yilan, we used the Turtle Island and trees as concepts for logo design. Lime green is used as the brand color to picture a young and energetic atmosphere.
With its natural, fun, and relaxing brand identity, board games are one of its important features. When designing posters of common escape, trade, and mission games with different appeals (exploration, thinking, relaxation, combat, etc.), we used several classic scenarios and characters to connect senior players with Wonder Tree.
In the daytime, Wonder Tree provides a bright and comfortable space for students, families, and friends to relax and play games. At night, it turns into a grown-up space serving craft beers for friends' gathering and creating more interactions between strangers.
With its diverse operation, we designed different images for Wonder Tree in different periods of open hours, so customers can distinguish the differences by business cards, signboards, and door hangers.
On interior design, we transformed beams and columns into strong trunks sustaining a large tree. A large number of wood materials are used to build a comfortable space not only for cafe and games but for periodic speeches regarding mental health and education promotions.


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Triangler Co., Ltd.

Design Company

Triangler Co., Ltd.


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Wonder Tree

Design Team

Chi-Yao Tang, Jian-He Lin, Yi Wang