Hsu’s Promise

by Triangler Co., Ltd.

Hsu's Promise is a locally well known homemade food provider located in Yinnge, Taipei. Good reputation
of their cuisine has been established for several years, and now the 2nd generation, Hsu's 2 sons, is trying to take the brand to another level by identity redesign.
A chef is like an artist of flavor, so we choose to illustrate Hsu brothers as stylists using chopsticks instead of scissors. A retro western barbershop style is adopted to show the spirit of passion and boldness.


Gold in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Triangler Co., Ltd.

Design Company

Triangler Co., Ltd.


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Cheng Guan Fang

Design Team

Chi-Yao Tang, Chun-Yao Huang, Yi Wang, Jian-He Lin