Arianee - The future of ownership

by Orchid Creation

Arianee is a protocol based on blockchain technology and is used to manage digital ownership and authenticity certificates for valuable objects.

This project was done when I was working at Orchid. We worked closely with Arianee to develop a narrative telling their story and its significance in today’s world. I lead and created all design aspects, from concept to animation and sound design, including scripting and storyboarding.
Targeting the luxury industry, we decided to pursue a realistic and modern style of illustration. We created a wider range of color tones under the Arianee brand colors to end up with visuals with more depth and layers. Since this is a very technical subject, we included more real life inspired scenes, to foster a smooth and easier understanding.


Gold in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2020

Gold in Computer Animation 2020

Gold in Style Frames 2020

Silver in Mix Media/Moving Image 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ming-Hsuan Lee

Design Company

Orchid Creation


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Design Team

Made by: Orchid Creation Art Director: Ming-Hsuan Lee Creative Director / Copywriter: Daniela Varela Motion Designers: Hyeji Yu, Andrej Porosin...