40 Tenth Avenue

by Neoscape

Located on New York City’s High Line, 40 Tenth Avenue is one of the most unique buildings in the Meatpacking District. Designed by Studio Gang, the building represents the fundamental relationship of architecture to its natural environment. Its location and shape make it a desirable space for tenants who seek a unique, premium workplace coupled with a trendy neighborhood that is undergoing significant transformation. To tell the story of this 12-story building, Aurora Capital approached Neoscape to produce a suite of marketing assets—including branding and messaging, a print brochure, photography, renderings, and a website—aimed at attracting hedge fund, private equity and mature tech tenants.

The brand identity we created communicated a bold sense of understated elegance, confidence and simplicity. The building itself was designed to allow for light and air to pass through to the High Line so that the experience of this treasured elevated park would be preserved. To that end, completed assets captured a brand voice of prestige and confidence, while incorporating the natural elements of the High Line. The bold black and white graphic elements of the identity were ideal complements to the lush greenery featured in renderings and photography.

For instance, in the oversized, photographic-focused print brochure, we feature 40 Tenth Avenue amidst the vibrant west side cityscape and lush High Line greenery. The characters captured in the photography reflected ideal tenants: sophisticated, classy, understated.

The brand identity is also carried forth into the online experience as navigation is simple and straightforward, allowing 40 Tenth to be the star. Simple and bold information graphics are easy to read and maintain the simple, elegant look and feel of the visual identity.


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

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