Dyson on: Breathe

by Joseph Sinclair Parker

At the end of 2017 Dyson launched its first editorial publication on: - a quarterly print issue created to communicate with their customers worldwide, champion technology and innovation, and raise awareness about serious issues like the global air quality crisis. The fours issues for the year are on: Inventors, Breathe, Hair and Sustainability. One of the key objectives of the project was to organically grow a community of the curious, who would share and enjoy the types of stories that have driven Dyson to invest billions in engineering and new technologies.

With over 25 years of design history, Dyson’s design principles were at the forefront of the creative brief. The latest issue, on:Breathe published 10/10/19, explored the global air quality crisis. Dyson wanted to produce an issue which demonstrated the damaging effects of air pollution, both for the environment and our health. Visually representing this largely invisible problem was a particular challenge which required thoughtful shoot art direction, infographic commissioning and illustration. It was also personally important to Sir James Dyson, that the issue reflected his 30 plus years campaign to clean up our air.

We approached the brief, by determining which content was most impactful and relevant to the issue. It became clear that the more engaging visuals came from stories about domestic air pollution. One example, running across a DPS, the conceptual image, depicting two bin bags in the shape of lungs - highlighting the problem of filling your lungs with ‘rubbish’. Likewise, the ‘42 household pollutants’ tiled spread, showed less-obvious household pollutants, photographed and styled by our carefully curated contributors. In both cases, the data spoke for itself and we stripped back unnecessary elements, focusing on clarity of design and art direction, leaving the audience to digest the key information.

While retaining the iconic Dyson design toolkit,...


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design for Social Change 2020

Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Joseph Sinclair Parker


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Design Team

Art Director: Joseph Sinclair Parker Designer: Barns Furr Picture Director: Ryan Grimley


Entrant Companies

Joseph Sinclair Parker, GB


Dyson, GB

Individual Credits

Art Director: Joseph Sinclair Parker, Joseph Sinclair Parker
Designer: Barns Furr
Picture Director: Ryan Grimley