Designing the Biggest Protest in US History

by Big Monocle

By late December, the Women's March on Washington grew from a Facebook event into a phenomenon, and its organizers were desperate for a visual identity to unite its disparate chapters around the world.

Big Monocle was asked to submit a proposal for the project, requiring logo options, a creative identity, swag, banners, and social media templates. All in five days. We scrambled a team of designers, barely met the breakneck deadline, and screamed with joy when our design was selected on 12/08. The logo is subtly feminine and distinctly strong—three faces looking forward in a muted red, white, and blue.

On 12/11, we began creating comprehensive brand guidelines. On 12/13, we rolled them out to the world. By 12/30, we'd created 60 U.S. and 47 international logos. Soon, it became recognizable worldwide—the de facto symbol of the Women’s March, which, on 12/21/17, became the single biggest protest in American history.


Graphic Design of the Year 2018

Gold in Logos 2018

Gold in Promotional Materials 2018

Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Amy Stellhorn

Design Company

Big Monocle


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Women's March on Washington

Design Team

Teresa Herd, Executive Creative Director Amy Stellhorn, Creative Director Nicole LaRue, Illustrator & Designer Wolfgang Strack, Designer Lisa B...


Individual Credits

Writer: Jeffrey White, Big Monocle
Project Manager: Stephanie Jukoff
Designer: Julie Brigham, Big Monocle