ICE Portal Relaunch of the Info-/ Entertainmentportal

by forwerts interactive GmbH

One year ago forwerts and Deutsche Bahn took the 2016 established ICE Portal and looked at it through a prism called User Experience. To increase transparency and accessibility we started to think digital a new, always with the main focus on the customers. This meant conducting usability tests, specific market research and obtaining as much user data as feasible in order to develop the best possible result.

To tackle such a massive endeavour, you need people joining forces for a common goal. So DB and forwerts' UX experts set up a design team that worked in close collaboration with the development. Research phases followed up by Design Sprints and Development Sprints reiterated throughout the year, allowing us to create an outstanding UX and UI.

The team had to develop a modular, flexible design system with which the digital information and entertainment systems could be represented. Thus, an “Atomic Design” was developed as well as a complete makeover of the design language. The biggest challenge was to follow a systematic approach as close to development as possible, but also to deliver a highly modular, coherent design in order to meet the requirements of aesthetics and functionality.


Gold in Interactive Design 2020

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Caroline Sturm (DB FV) and Julian Schwarz (forwerts)

Design Company

forwerts interactive GmbH


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Deutsche Bahn, DB FV AG (Dr. Björn Dittfach, Ellen Pienkos, Caroline Sturm & Christian Bischoping)

Design Team

Christian Bischoping (DB FV), Sebastian Baldauf (forwerts) and Team

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Entrant Companies

Deutsche Bahn, FB FV AG, DE


forwerts interactive GmbH, DE

Individual Credits

Head of Digital Customer Service: Dr. Björn Dittfach, DB FV AG
Head of Digital Service Projects: Ellen Pienkos, DB FV AG
UX Lead of Digital Customer Service: Caroline Sturm, DB FV AG