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by Nucco Brain

Inglisi - Sinbad the Speller

Inglisi is a platform for non-English speakers in Arabic-speaking countries to learn practical English in a fun and engaging way. We were brought on board to breathe life into the brand and create consistency across customer touchpoints.

Inglisi - Rebrand and Web Design

Looking to expand into Gulf countries, Middle East language platform brand Inglisi were on the hunt for a fresh, premium brand identity that could go toe-to-toe with language platform heavyweights like DuoLingo and Rosetta Stone.

They already had a strong core product, quality content and sky-high ambition, but they needed help bringing their look and feel up to speed - across their website, gamified content and language learning game Sinbad.

It meant overhauling their entire catalogue of content - a complete makeover - something we know a bit about from our work with Habito and iStarter.

A redesign from scratch

It was a ground-up affair, starting with establishing a consistent brand style to give a sense of coherence to the platform. And with an entire website built from stock photography and cookie-cutter web templates, we needed to develop brand guidelines to unify the design approach.

We crafted a brand persona that fit Inglisi’s brand personality and extrapolated a colour scheme and palette for a congruent overall style. A lot of illustration and sketching went into the early stages, establishing a visual style that could be applied to the rest of the content.

This aesthetic blueprint was then applied to the entire repertoire of Inglisi content, updating colours, characters and settings across the website and games. This mammoth undertaking included redefining how pages and interactions worked - including registration and test assessments - and how the games fitted into the programme.

Developing the platform
Project managing the client’s development team, we recreated the...


Silver in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ryan Lovelock

Design Company

Nucco Brain


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Design Team

AD/CD: Ryan Lovelock Lead Animator: Johnny Leal Web Design: Steph Ramplin Producer: Tom Peck, Arianne Edwards AM: Shpat Shala, Najla Zakaria D...

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