Arizona State University - Gaspee VR Experience

by Nucco Brain

Arizona State University
Gaspee VR Experience

It’s no secret that immersive technologies like VR and AR can be powerful learning tools. They transport students into different worlds - past, present or future - and give them a first-hand experience that’s otherwise impossible, difficult or expensive.

And having made a name for themselves as a leading university in innovation, Arizona State University were looking for a partner to kick off a juicy new project.

And it was a big one. Between a mammoth VR experience and 26 content-heavy game-based assessments to build from scratch, we had our work cut out for us.

The Gaspee VR Experience
Aimed at teaching students about the now infamous Gaspee Affair, the goal was to create an engaging, narrative-driven learning experience using mobile-based VR.

Working in tight collaboration with ASU’s learning specialists, we took their raw content - all the standards students need to know for the course - and set it to a creative frame using slick visual storytelling.

The Gaspee Experience was easily the longest script we’d tackled - the storyboard alone was 20 pages long, and there was six hours of 3D animated content to make for the VR experience.

Compatibility was one of the main considerations for the project - the VR experience needed to be accessible both for onsite students and distance learners. We chose Google Cardboard, as it’s the most accessible VR platform and can run on most smartphones.

Game-Based Assessments
Originally, the project also included 26 game-based assessments, incorporating a whopping 40 unit standards per game brought to life through interactive animations.

Each assessment was designed to be accessible for distance learners by basing them online, compatible with most PCs.

Although these assessments were scrapped for internal reasons, we’ve added them here, as we’re wrapped with how well...


Gold in Computer Animation 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Ryan Lovelock

Design Company

Nucco Brain


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Arizona State University

Design Team

Credits Creative Strategist - Stefano Marrone Creative Director - Ryan Lovelock Executive Producer - Adam Blumenthal Head of Production - ...

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