Rebel Girls || Moon Landing - The Story Of Margaret Hamilton

by Nucco Brain

Rebel Girls || Moon Landing - The Story Of Margaret Hamilton

"Nucco Brain brought our vision together in such a short amount of time. Our team gave them our big idea and they ran with it, providing us truly high quality content. We were able to sit back and enjoy the process of our vision come to life." - Giulia Flamini, Art Director, Rebel Girls/Timbuktu Labs

As a visual storytelling agency, we often get to help organisations tell good stories - and sometimes we get to help tell important ones. This project ticked both boxes.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the successful Apollo 11 mission to the moon, Rebel Girls approached us with an offer we couldn’t refuse - to tell the story of women’s involvement in the space programme.

It was more than a good story - it was an opportunity to beat the drum for some of the incredible women who have made important contributions in science exploration.

Our Work
Adapting the script from one of Rebel Girls’ gripping podcasts, we developed a slick, two and a half minute animation on the story of Margaret Hamilton. An integral part of the Apollo 11 mission, Margaret wrote a lot of the code used for the onboard computers
responsible for guiding the astronauts to the moon and back safely.

In fact, there’s a well-known photograph of Margaret beside a printout of the code she wrote - and it’s taller than she is.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jo Dertili

Design Company

Nucco Brain


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Rebel Girls

Design Team

Art Director - Mathilda Holmkvist Copywriter - Andy Thomas Producer - Arianne Edwards Designers - Steph Ramplin, Jo Dertili, Nathalie Brough-Apa...

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