KM-823 Knife

by 3+2 Design Studio

The KM-823 knife combines the round, streamlined features of kitchen knives with the images of rigidness and hardness displayed by the military. The body of the knife is built using the same steel materials used to build shells. Said steel materials came from the millions of empty cases left from a battle that took place on Aug. 23, 1958 in the island of Kinmen, Taiwan. Because of the shortage of steel materials in the past, Wu Chao-hsi, founder of MaestroWu, planned to collect leftover empty shells from all regions of Taiwan. He tapped into his extraordinary craftsmanship and ingenuity to forge the KM0823 knives.
The overall design of the KM-823 knife is inspired by shells, which feature the qualities of resilience and rigidity. Bladesmiths exercise their craftsmanship combining “hard and soft touches” together during the cutting, quenching, forging, polishing, and grinding process, creating anti-slip knurling on the handle that makes knife use more stable, smooth, and safe.
Finally, the knife product is packaged using shell-related attributes and a simplified design to connect the knife and its packaging closely together.


Silver in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hsieh Yi-Cheng

Design Company

3+2 Design Studio


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Maestro Wu

Design Team

Kun-Yen Hsu