44 Wall

by Neoscape

Equity Office, with the help of CBRE, invested significant resources to reposition 44 Wall as a professional option for creative companies in downtown Manhattan. They wanted to reposition 44 Wall as a smart and professional option for creative companies in a downtown market saturated with sub par options. From a revitalized lobby to innovative prebuilt spaces, the marketing strategy needed to create a new identity supported by new ownership and building improvements. Neoscape enabled this transformation by challenging the preconceptions of what it means to have a Wall Street address in 2017 by, quite literally, rewriting the brand. We were intent on delivering an identity that both repositioned the brand with creativity and personality, and actually challenged the status-quo in the marketplace. To that end, we changed the perception of 44 Wall by bringing energy and personality to the campaign through tags and doodles, scrawled messages, and attention-grabbing writing. The brand aesthetic is progressive, imaginative, and smart, raising the bar for all of Lower Manhattan. Instead of buttoned-up, conservative styles, colors, and copy, we created a vibrant, younger look and feel for the building. Bright yellow headlines, splashed across artwork that depicts trendy, creative New Yorkers speaks to a whole new audience. Equity also needed to show off its improvements and present these new pre-built spaces as ideal for creative and innovative tenants. Neoscape digital artists created a world inside 44 Wall that nobody knew existed, showing creative office spaces that would attract a different type of tenant to Wall Street. The website continues to reveal build-out possibilities. With each scroll through the site, the viewer sees more and more evidence that 44 Wall offers something special over the the rest of the market. The brochure had an interesting challenge of its own. With their ongoing renovations of prebuilt floors and the fast-paced nature of a growing downtown, Equity needed to be able to quickly change out and update marketing materials with ease. Opting to bind the brochure with an elastic band allowed Equity to shuffle, remove, or add pages as needed as well as tailor each brochure to specific tenants. Along with the strategy, brand and brochure, we created a series of additional assets, including 3D visualization, advertisements, e-blasts, a print mailer, a website, environmental signage, and a marketing center, to help attract just the right tenant Equity Office was looking for. Earlier this month, Equity Office signed just that type of tenant. GameChanger Media has signed on for the entire 11th floor (16,906 sf). GameChanger is a mobile app and website that provides scorekeeping, stats, Live GameStreams, and recap stories to thousands of baseball, softball and basketball teams and their fans. Nice score, Equity Office.

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2018

Design Director
Equity Office
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Neoscape, US
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