Kismile - Taiwan Kiwifruit

by 3+2 Design Studio

Kismile, the name of this concept brand, uses the words “kiss + smile” to symbolize the sweetness of kiwifruits and the big smiles they put on consumers’ faces eating these kiwifruits.
The process of kiwifruits growing on alpines, absorbing sunlight, and fruiting as well as the cross sections of the fruits resembling sunlight and smiles were utilized as the concepts to design the product packaging.
Illustrations that demonstrate the handicraft of the designer were also added. There are two different product packages: (a) for mass production; and (b) for use as souvenirs. Products packaged for mass production focus on transport convenience and onsite demonstration-related functionalities. By contrast, products packaged for use as souvenirs emphasize the use of recycled pulp materials that offer extra protection. Materials used for both packaging models can be fully recycled.


Bronze in Branding 2020

Bronze in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hsieh Yi-Cheng

Design Company

3+2 Design Studio


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Design Team

Pei-yu Chiu , Kun-Yen Hsu , Tzu-Yang Chiu