Mortlach 2.81 whisky - interactively decryption box

by 3+2 Design Studio

Mortlach 2.81, a classic whisky, has been around for over a century. Established in 1823, the Mortlach Distillery is the first legal distillery in Dufftown, the winemaking hub of Speyside, Scotland. The Mortlach Distillery produces world-class whiskies with a multi-layered taste by refining them 2.81 times using six different distillations.

This time, we will reveal the mysterious production process of Mortlach 2.81 via a highly interactively “decryption box” with packaging (limited edition). By turning the outer box, users can determine the positions of the openings for the three-ring copper rings. Next, they can pull the wine bottle-shaped ring to take out the main body of the item, where they will experience whisky flowing between six distillation flasks. The movement of said whisky symbolizes the passing of time and the extraction of remarkable whisky. Users can then embrace the visual experience and uncover the secrets to Mortlach 2.81 hidden both inside and outside the packaging materials. Finally, they can open the lid of the oak barrel and enjoy the taste of 47-year-old whisky.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Hsieh Yi-Cheng

Design Company

3+2 Design Studio


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Diageo Taiwan Inc.

Design Team

Pei-yu Chiu, Tzu-Yang Chiu , Kun-Yen Hsu