Rebecca Solnit (Monolith)

by Jonathan Sangster

This is new work exhibited at Typeforce X, an annual curated exhibition of artists who make magic with letters in any medium. The piece was created using screenprints, wheate paste, and spraypaint on reclaimed woods panels.

The quote "Naming is a crucial part of transformation," is from a book by Rebecca Solnit called The Mother of All Questions. The message in this piece is intended to highlight the importance of naming and how it plays a role in acknowledging and addressing societal and personal issues. It creates an alternate viewpoint (mirrors and windows) for viewers, using layering (physically and conceptually) to challenge assumptions of how images “should” be viewed and understood.

Its purpose is to challenge binary thoughts by layering experiences and pursuing different points of view through visual outputs.


Silver in Typography 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Jonathan Sangster


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