Tejiendo Calle / Weaving Streets

by Noblanco

Weaving Streets was an expression used by grandmothers to refer to the people who permanently walked the streets of Cartagena. This play-on-words as a title because it aptly describes the routine of a group of women who devoted their lives to selling food door-to-door in this city of the Colombian Caribbean. rnThis book by the artist Ruby Rumié, brings together 50 of these women, who were made a tribute/ceremony as part of an artistic practice, shows their everyday objects, their routes and shows us a little of the life of these women, anonymous beings that inhabit everyday life and that are usually relegated but this project elevates them and shows them in all their dimensions.


Gold in Book Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Carlos J Roldan R

Design Company



Ruby Rumie

Design Team

Photography: Ruby Rumié / Roberto Benavente / Jorge Brantmeyer / Efraín Pérez / Jorge Luis Puello Text review and revision: Ana Padilla / Alejan...

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