by Herman-Scheer

The founders of Feals came to Herman-Scheer to help bring their new direct-to-consumer CBD brand to market. We executed on brand strategy, positioning, naming, brand identity, messaging, package design, web design, and content production. Our branding efforts were set on differentiating Feals from the saturated market of competitors and stripping away any taboo that cannabis may be associated with. We positioned this single product and it's three strengths as a better way to feel better. We created a low-cost sample product called The Flight which makes for a low-risk and easy way for people suffering from real issues such as chronic pain, anxiety and sleep deprivation a chance to understand how much of what strength they should take specific to their needs. Throughout the entire consumer journey, we have made sure that the folks behind the brand are easily accessible for help and guidance.


Gold in Website Design 2020

Gold in Branding 2020

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Lifestyle Photography: Jordan and Dani Lutes, TheGoodBrigade