A new pencil born from nature

by Up.00

Barbamatita - Art D'Acquin

Art D’Acquin is a brand born with the courageous dream of offering a seemingly common product, yet distinguished by unique characteristics. The need arises precisely in the home of the founder, father of two small girls, who finds himself buying countless packs of colored pencils and realizes how the market and the offer of the specific product are caught between problems and potential that has been untapped for years.

The origin of life lies in the water. The Art D’acquin brand is very sensitive to nature, its care, protection and prosperity. Where there is human intervention there is often contamination in balances and shapes, straight lines and geometric figures. Nature, on the other hand, is irregular and spontaneous, sinuous and smooth. The desire to offer a world full of trees, nature and life to his daughters was born in the founder's mind. Beauty and art are the second soul of the brand: man is in constant search for "beauty" because, both in philosophy and many religions, beauty - in all its forms - brings us closer to God, or more simply leads to serenity and happiness. Elegance and prestige, on the other hand, are the last two virtues desired by the brand, which are represented by the French name highlighting glamour and chic, values barely upheld by market competition. Note how "D’Acquin" is also a patronymic naming, as it comes from the surname of the founder himself, as often happens in the fashion sector.

The Art D’Acquin brand is the result of a fusion of multiple symbols and subjects that, following the evocation of brand values, try to enclose all this dimension within a single iconic image.

Nature, among its contradictory characteristics, is unpredictable and amazing, spectacular and ruthless....


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Silver in Logos 2020

Silver in 3D CAD 2020

Bronze in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Marco Apadula

Design Company



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Design Team

Marco Apadula, Demmis Salgado, Desy Gregis

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Individual Credits

Industrial Designer: Demmis Salgado, Up.00
Brand Strategy Advisor: Desy Gregis, Up.00
Brand Identity Designer & Brand Strategy Advisor: Marco Apadula, Up.00