by Daria Sinyukhina

IZOTSEKH is a magazine about modern and contemporary art. Its purpose is to tell about the development of art from 1900th. The name «IZOTSEKH» in Russian language means «art workshop» (izo abbreviation + tsekh). Magazine issues cover such aspects as art styles and movements, iconic artworks, outstanding painters and artists, museums and galleries, art criticism. Its design is based on active typography. One compromise typeface was selected as a basis for design of articles about art of all periods of time. It's Helvetica, one of the key symbols of design culture of the 20th–21th centuries.

Minimalistic design of the cover is a metaphor meaning that magazine is a window to art. Die cut cover shows the reproduction of artwork. The cover is without headlines for a reason — it silently invites us to discover what is hidden inside.

Each issue is planned to reveal the art of several different decades. Thus, the magazine will cover the whole century. Each section or article of the issue is individually designed. Magazine’s design is an attempt to guess the mood of the article material. Spreads can look airy and ascetic, bright and bulky.


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Daria Sinyukhina

Company/University or Design School

Tver Art College named after Alexey Venetsianov