Golden ratio bear

by Lee Jimin, Lee Jeong Joo, Kwon Suk Kyung

The ‘Hwang-gom ratio’(golden bear ratio) displayed in the ‘’2nd Tamna Idea Exhibit’ is a creation of a coffee brand that matches the identity of the Teddy bear museum.
Not only is this piece commercially available just like the teddy bear museum model, but also designed as a cafe that could attract Jeju tourists.
The brand naming,‘Hwang-gom ratio’(golden bear ratio), is a neologism that is made with the phrase ‘Hwang-gum ratio’, which means ‘golden ratio’.
By replacing the ‘gum’ into ‘gom’, which means 'bear' in Korean, it highlights the identity of the teddy bear museum and indicates that the brand’s coffee is roasted according to the ‘golden ratio’.
In regards to the brand naming and identity, all designs are made according to the golden ratio and mapped out to form the perfect ratio with every set of a package.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020, Non-Pro

Gold in Branding 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Lee Jimin, Lee Jeong Joo, Kwon Suk Kyung

Company/University or Design School

Hongik university


JS&F(Teaddy Bear museum)

Design Team

Golden ratio bear


Individual Credits

student: Lee jungjoo, hongik university
student: Kwon Suk-kyeong, hongik university