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by College of Creative Arts, Massey University

This is a self-initiated project consisting of the photos I have taken while traveling around Taiwan. It was intended as a gift to my family who was traveling with me.

The weather was rainy and foggy during the trip but it was what I found most poetic about the scenery. This book expresses that melancholic atmosphere in three ways. It is firstly represented by its cover image which was set in greyscale. Taking away the presence of color to portray the gloominess. As I couldn’t separate my emotion from the weather, I wrote thirty poems by hand found in the first layer of the book. These poems were meant to touch the hearts of the reader, thus, passing on the somberness from the weather to the reader. The poems were also accompanied by more artistic shots which differs from the other travel photos within the book. Last of all, I wanted to turn the misty ambient into something tangible. Hence, I have used translucent papers for the chapter openers to mimic the fog. This material allows the reader to interact with the mystery of this natural phenomenon, gradually blurring out the visibility of the image behind as the page is being flipped.

The book was also set in English and Chinese texts as my family is bilingual in both of these languages.


Silver in Book Design 2018, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Rosamund Chen

Company/University or Design School

College of Creative Arts, Massey University

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