Go Metro! Stop Fine Dust!

by Jimin Lee, Lee Jeong Joo, Jung In Hwan

‘Go Metro! Stop Fine Dust!’ is a project with Seoul City Hall and Seoul Metro to reduce fine dust. The project aim was to notify the public about the severity of fine dust through displaying wrapping advertisements in Subway Line 2 in Seoul. The advertisements could be easily spotted by people of all ages and gender. Graphics of a commonly played Korean game ‘go-stop’ was used as the basis of the design. ‘Go’ and ‘Stop’, which are the main terms in the game were implemented on the main phrase of the slogan ‘Go Metro!’ ‘Stop Fine Dust!’ to signify that people should actively use public transportations to reduce fine dust.


Gold in Promotional Materials 2020, Non-Pro

Silver in Branding 2020, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Jimin Lee, Lee Jeong Joo, Jung In Hwan

Company/University or Design School

Hongik University


Seoul city hall

Design Team

Jimin Lee Jeongjoo Lee Inhwan Jung


Entrant Companies

Hongik University, KR


Seoul city hall, KR

Individual Credits

Student: Inhwan Jung, Hongik University
Student: Jimin Lee, Hongik University
Student: Jeongjoo Lee, Hongik University